Most businesses are increasing their efforts to go green, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint as well as saving money. And one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to be more sustainable in your business is through recycling. Your business will see cost benefits by recycling more so here are a few simple tips for you to follow to make your business more sustainable – and profitable.

Carry out Waste Audit

Identify your waste streams and establish what can be potentially recycled. A detailed waste audit will likely reveal many areas where your business is not recycling enough. Focus on minimisation and reuse. Good news is that recycling more should save you money.

Commonly thrown away recyclables include:
- Paper, cardboard
- Food waste
- Plastic drums
- All types of plastic packaging
- Metal and Al Cans

Involve your employees

Establish Recycling Program and make it work by involving everyone in your business. Many companies face a resistance to change and a dependence on former habits, but nearly every company has individuals who care deeply about environmental issues. Management needs to utilise these individuals to develop internal Green Teams. These teams can be given extra responsibilities and incentives to lead efforts to get other staffers on board and up to speed. The ideal Green Team would feature workers from many shifts and departments, with several eyes and ears on the ground.

Labelling of Recycling Stations

It’s also important to keep all commercial recycling bins in accessible locations with clear signage — with visuals making it as easy as possible for people to know what goes where. That way you’ll make it easier for your staff to recycle and will increase the overall volume recycled for your business.

Consult your recycling needs and practices

Without the expertise of a Waste Management Company a recycling program can be difficult to manage. It is time-consuming effort that requires ongoing training, on-site consultations and process analysis across all locations. A company greatly benefits from a experienced expertice who can handle every step of the operation, from touring the plants, mapping out all the details with the decision makers, arranging the distribution and delivery schedules and creating the financial framework and payment arrangements.

Some things to look for in a Waste Management Company include:

Companies need accurate data to track how they’re doing, progress or mistakes they’re making and money they’re saving or losing.

The ability to put all recyclables on one trailer, greatly reducing transportation costs.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTRACT even for multiple operation sites across the county:
This maximizes efficiency and profitability while making the recycling program more convenient and manageable.

An understanding of your business/product and a commitment to finding solutions for hard-to-recycle items.

Emphasizing on the higher rank of the Waste Hierarchy.

If you’d like to discuss your recycling needs and practices for your business, please get in touch with our recycling specialist.

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