Recycling more at home does not require much effort if you spend some time to create a comprehensive recycling system. This system starts with having places to store your recycled materials in the house, whether this is a box, bin or bag. Keep the recycling container next to the waste container and this will remind everyone to recycle as much as possible. Use fun labelling to involve kids.

Here are some simple tips to recycle more effectively at home:

1. Flatten cardboard boxes and plastic bottles so that you can fit more recyclables into your bin.

2. All plastic bottles can be recycled, from water bottles to salad dressing, so put all of them in your recycling container.

3. It is not just newspapers that you can recycle at home. Also, recycle wrapping paper, envelopes, birthday cards and phone books. All sorts of cardboard can be recycled, too, even toilet and paper towel tubes.

4. Make sure you do not stack plastic into the cardboard box and the other way around. All recyclables should be going loose into your recycling bin so it can be easily detected by sorting machines and staff (DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLES).

5. Most metallic items at home can be recycled, such as empty soda, beer, fruit, vegetable and other food cans.

6. Keep a space in your cupboard so that you can recycle as you are cooking or cleaning. It will make it easier for you to put the recyclables in their proper place.

7. When having overload of recyclables visit one of our Civic Amenities Centres. This lets you fit your recycling into your life, and will also teach your children about the importance of recycling.

8. If you are ever unsure about what you can recycle, check with our list of accepted items for your recycling bin.

9. Glass can be recycled endlessly; it does not wear out after several recycling, so be sure to always recycle your glass bottles and containers and bring them to your nearest Civic Amenity Centre or use local Bottle Banks.

10. To help Mulleady’s and to keep down foul odours, make sure you wash food waste of any plastic and metal food containers before putting them into the recycle bin.

11. Bring your unwanted clothes to one of our Civic Amenities Centres or use local Charity Shops.

12. Segregate food waste and use it for home compost or use food waste bin.Check with our office if food waste bin is available in your area.

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