What goes into my bin

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Tips to prevent and reduce waste

How can I lighten my General Waste bin?

• Upcycle it – Before your bin it, could it be reused for something else?

• Fix it – Before you bin it, can you repair it?

• Donate it – Give reusable items to family and friends. You can also donate them to charity or place them on www.freetradeireland.ie

• Before you bin it check to see if it’s recyclable or compostable.

• Remove any water or liquid from the item so it is a light as possible.

• Keep glass out and bring it to your bottle bank. It’s FREE.

How can I lighten by Recycling bin?

• To reduce weight ensure that used food containers and clean and dry.

• Look for goods with less packaging.

• Chose goods in refillable packaging such as detergent and coffee.

• Leave packaging in the shop if allowed e.g. shoe boxes.

• Invest in a refillable waste bottle, coffee cup and lunch box to reduce waste when you are on the move.

• Look out for compostable and recycling symbols on packaging.

• Place a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on your letter box.

• Follow the list of recyclables materials accepted by your waste collection company.

How can I lighten my Organic bin?

• You could compost the uncooked vegetable waste instead of placing it in the food waste brown bin.

• Make sure fruit and vegetables are stored correctly so you can get time to eat it.

• Keep all dairy products in the fridge to preserve them as long as possible.

• Check the use-by-date before purchasing to ensure you will have time to eat it before it goes out of date.

• Us up leftovers to make another recipe, or as tomorrows lunch (note food safety guidance should be followed when storing and preparing food).

• When shopping try to make a list of what you need and stick to it.

• Use your freezer.

• You can also compost grass cuttings and plant waste at home. For more information go to www.stopfoodwaste.ie and www.brownbin.ie

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