Roll on Skips and Compactors

Our roll ons are available in the following sizes:

- 20 Cubic Yard Roll On Roll Off
  Heavy duty skip, construction & demolition waste and bulky waste.

- 35 Cubic Yard Roll On Roll Off
  Large factories, building sites etc.
  Suitable for segregated recyclable materials i.e timber, lightweight packaging.

- Portable Compactor Roll On Roll Off
  Large Factories, Building Sites etc. Suitable for Wet Waste and Mixed Waste.

- Portable Compactor Chain Lift Skip
  Large Shops, Pubs, Hotels etc.

- Static Compactor Skip
  Large Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Factories.
  Suitable for Mixed Waste and Dry Segregated Recyclables ie Cardboard, Paper etc.
  Wet Waste Not Accepted.