August 2022

1.   Skips are on hire for the agreed period of time, excluding the date of dispatch – presently five working days.

2.   Skips ordered for delivery to non-private property may require a permit from the Local Authority. Organising a permit with the Local Authority is the responsibility of the customer. Skips can be deposited on a public road for no more than three consecutive days. The customer accepts full responsibility while on hire to them

3.   The customer will be liable to take all reasonable care of equipment including skips, roll-ons, compactors and shall be liable for any damage caused to the equipment such as the loss, neglect or default cause by the customer or their staff.

4.   The Company always reserves the right to refuse delivery of the goods at any location where in the opinion of the Company, a danger/risk is present to the staff, customer or member of the public.

5.   The Company reserves the right to refuse to lift skips for reasons of unsafe loading, overloading, moving skips from original drop spot or for any reasonable reason at the discretion of the Company.

6.   The customer is responsible for ensuring the skip is not overloaded (only fill to the level of the top rim), and that it is packed neatly for safe transportation.

7.   Only waste types in the Company’s waste collection permit can be placed in the skip (List of acceptable waste types). Please refer to the list of non-acceptable items in skips when filling the skip.

8.   The Company reserves the right not to collect skips and roll-ons until full payment has been received. In the case of a delay in collection, caused by non-payment, further hire charges will be levied to the customer at the Company’s normal daily hire rate.

Acceptable Waste Types

Commercial Industrial Waste
Construction and Demolition waste
Food waste
Household waste
Magazines & Brochures
Mixed Metals
Mixed Recyclables
Papers & paper products
Subsoil / Topsoil
Pottery & china
Wood and wood products
Vegetable matter
Unacceptable Waste Types

Household Electrical & Batteries
Fluorescent Tubes
End of life Vehicles
Contaminated Soil
Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste
Gas Cylinders, Aerosols
TV/Computer Screens, PC’s