17th May 2022

1.   Skips are only on hire for the agreed time period ruling at date of dispatch – presently 5 days.

2.   All skips ordered to be delivered to non-private property may require local authority permitswhich will be the responsibility of the customer accept full responsibility while on hire tothem.

3.   The customer will be liable to take all reasonable care of equipment including skips, roll ons,compactors and shall be liable for any damage cause to the equipment arising from the loss,neglect or default cause by the Customer or their staff.

4.   The company always reserve the right to refuse delivery of the goods at any particularlocation where in the opinion of the Company, a danger/risk could be created to staff,customer or member of the public.

5.   The company reserves the right to refuse to lift skips for reasons of unsafe loading,overloading, moving skips from original drop spot or for any reasonable reason at thediscretion of Mulleadys.

6.   The skip must only be loaded to top sides (water level).

7.   Note: only waste types in the company’s waste permit to be placed in skip. Ask driver forlist.

8.   The company reserves the right not to collect skips and roll ons until full payment has beenreceived by the Company. In the case of a delay in collected caused by non-payment.Further hire charges will be levied at the company’s normal daily hire rate.